About us

Playful and imaginative music with kantele, guitar and voices.

Aino & Miihkali is a Finnish duo, whose global artistic expression branches out from North Karelian roots. Their compositions are flavored with fresh improvisation, chiming strings and interesting rhythm patterns. The songs are commenting and making observations of the world in a colorful way. Skillful playing and singing in voices are giving the final touch to the ensemble.

Many great things in life (and music) seem to happen by chance. Any encounter can change the direction of the flow, especially if you are open to it. Once upon a time in May, two strangers happened to meet. They played pétanque, danced, and enjoyed the spring of Northern Karelia, when the sun hardly sets. Sometimes years went by before coincidence brought them back together, while they ventured around the world. 

We travelled different paths, but had similar interests and ambitions; an innovative grip to our instruments, playful & imaginative musicianship, the past, the future, and how to seize the moment. Our voices are built on encounters, uncontrolled collisions and the most subtle impulses.

We started playing together in spring 2017, and in autumn 2019 we released ”Aino & Miihkali” -album. This is not a mere coincidence. It has required a lot of determined work, frustration, triumphs, liberation, reinventing ourselves as musicians, finding common ground, single release of ”Siri’s Runaway”, 28 dates of ”Outside the Box” -tour, and consequently the crystallization of the vision. And we keep on growing – open to advancing coincidences.

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Aino & Miihkali -album is distributed by Supersounds Music.


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